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    What does a building, an underground railway, a truck, and a soda can have in common? The ore. Today, the ore raw material is a big part of city infrastructures all over the world. The mineral is the source of omnipresent metallic alloys in our daily routine, and yet it keeps on hiding a dirty, sad, and bloody extraction process. The project's main objective is to raise discussion about the archaic mineral extraction processes with serious social and environmental consequences and the responsibility of all the global community to rethink the impact of each country besides its own territory. 

   We are 3 women from Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. According to the Brazilian Mining Institute, Minas Gerais is the most important mining state in the country, responsible for more than 50% of the Brazilian production of metallic minerals and almost 30% of ores in general. The name given to whose born in this region is in the literal translation into English 'miner'. Mining companies are a constituent part of our daily landscape and, consequently, of our view and inquiries about the world. Ironically, the literal translation for the name of our city is Beautiful Horizon.


    In November 2015, the biggest environmental disaster in Brazil was caused by the rupture of Fundão mining's dam in Mariana (MG). Nineteen were killed, more than 600km of streams and rivers affected, 600 homeless families. The Samarco (company part of the Anglo-Australian mining company BHP Billiton and the Brazilian Vale) was responsible for the mining and in October 2019 received a license from the government to continue exploring the region. In January 2019, the Córrego do Feijão dam under the responsibility of mining company Vale in Brumadinho also ruptured, causing 270 deaths. Mining disasters have left a deep mark on the entire community. What used to be a landscape turned into a scar.


    In search of giving voice to the buried communities and the exiles of the ore, the artists unite to give body to the discussions on the theme.

    The issue of mining is also part of what we could relate to what Klee calls the "worldview" for the artist.


   Before the formal beginning, or more simply before the first trace, there is a preceding history, and not only man's yearning, his pleasure in expressing himself, not only the external need to do so but also a general state of his human condition whose direction is called worldview and which arises here and there with the interior need to manifest itself. (Wick apud Klee, 1990)


    Among the most exploited minerals, iron is used extensively in the manufacture of steel, tools, machines, transportation vehicles, as a structural element of bridges, which connect us, and in buildings that inhabit us. It is true that mining has become essential for our daily routine, the big issue here is concerning the extraction method instead of it is undeniable usefulness.